Building solid families, and empowering & releasing the Next Generation.

What does that mean?

We believe that God first loved us, (1 John 4:19) therefore our vision is to respond to His love by loving Him and loving others. God gives us direction that brings life, and life more abundantly. As families come to understand God’s love they start to grow in stronger relationship with each other, and with those that are around them! We believe that the Next Generation Youth is an active part of the church today. We want them to discover their spiritual gifting, and natural strengths through practical ministry opportunities.


We love God by valuing….

  1. Word of God: We are committed to knowing, teaching and obeying the Bible. The Bible is our authority for what we believe and how we act. We are committed to reading the Word of God daily personally and corporately.
  2. Worship:Worship is our heartfelt response to God’s love. We pursue intimacy with God through passionate praise and strong, Spirit-led worship.
  3. Prayer: We believe that prayer is an essential and indispensable part of our relationship with God. We believe that prayer should overflow into every aspect of our relationship with God and others.
  4. Holy Spirit: We believe in living a Spirit-filled life and allowing the Holy Spirit’s presence to lead, guide, teach, transform and empower us.


We love others by valuing…

  1. Authenticity: We value being real people not religious people. We value authenticity, transparency and integrity in our relationships with one another because genuine love comes from genuine people.
  2. Family:  We value building strong marriages and families where God’s Word is taught and where Christ-likeness is modeled.
  3. Church: We value the church as a community of people who are committed to building one another up in Christ. We are committed to being a genuine community of people who are loved, valued, empowered and held accountable.
  4. World:  We believe in God’s transformative love and are compelled to share it with others. We use our God-given resources and creativity to reach out to a broken and lost world with the message of Jesus Christ.