Churches of various sizes, cultures, and locations around the world are excitedly reporting both spiritual and numerical growth as a result of using OSL. We constantly hear testimonies from leaders around the world of the benefits of the system. Those who utilize OSL as a tool to disciple their church find people’s lives are changed and the whole culture of their church transformed. Some of the benefits we have witnessed include:

1. GENUINE IMPACT – OSL is designed to genuinely impact people with the Word of God as it teaches them how to DO what the Bible says and not simply learn more information.

2. CHARGED ATMOSPHERE – When people are radically changed they will charge the atmosphere in your church with spiritual vitality.

3. INCREASED RETENTION – As people are changed through discipleship they will gain a new hunger for the Word of God. Their response will be just like Peter’s to Jesus when he said “Lord, to whom shall we go, You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). They will know where to stay to be fed the truth.

4. A NEXT STEP – When a church is running OSL new and mature believers always have a “Next Step” to grow in their faith.

5. CORE TRUTHS – OSL offers a way for people who are new to your congregation to hear the core truths that are vital to your church.

6. INVOLVEMENT – OSL dramatically increases serving team members, as all students must be involved in ministry.

7. EVANGELISM – Through the requirement of inviting someone new to church and learning to share your story with others, OSL helps “train” your congregation to evangelize. In addition, deeply impacted people evangelize with passion, excitedly telling people “You’ve got to come!”

8. DARKNESS EXPOSED – Through the Word and accountability OSL helps people see areas of sin and compromise and find freedom from bondage.

9. MULTIPLICATION – OSL produces disciples that become disciple makers!